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Vocational or professional learning always enables you to think and get you better career options. Come-meet & experience with us the life making career opportunities.


"মনের কথা বলুন,মন কে ভাল রাখুন"

"Let's talk & care our minds well"

An educative and interactive session under eminent panel of Psychiatrist,Psychologist and Counsellor.


An interactive session on Mental Health

The workshop on mental Health Awarness followed by questionares session have been very interactive and encouraging at Mohiary Public Library premises in Andul Mouri Howrah in the afternoon on ...


"Need Digital Signatures-DSC-Apply..."

Digital signatures & DSC services

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Best Professional Training in the local area

When it comes to helping adults advance their careers and interests through, IAMPHOENIX is one of the best professional training centres in the local area. Making the decision to change careers is a huge step, and we are here to support you however we can. Our wide range of courses offers something for everyone, from professional proficiencies and qualifications to servicing those who have decided to develop new creative or practical skills. Get in touch through our booking form today for details.

Taking the Next Step

We are passionate about adult learning and are here for you every step of the way. Come in and discuss your goals with our staff, and they will help you decide which avenue is right for you. During your time with us, we will allow you access to all of our facilities in order to provide you with a quiet place for you to study away from home and work. At the end of your course, we can help you decide on your next step, whether that’s looking at new employment options, further study or setting up your own business.

Training and Tutors

From accounting and ESL courses to computing, creative writing, health and social care and more, our wide range of courses offers something to every interest and pathway. Our teachers are hand-selected, not only because they are skilled and knowledgeable in their field, but because they understand the particular challenges and requirements adult learners need. If you are working full time or raising a family, you’ll appreciate the support and understanding our friendly and encouraging tutors can give.


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Protective standard safe [email protected]


A quality mask from the Puma.

Pen with sanitizing spray


A handy pen with convenient use to sanitize on the go. 

Protection from rain and other splashes


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IAMPHOENIX iamphoenixdotin

05 March 2022

05 March


IAMPHOENIX -The name spells "I am Phoenix" that attitude who faces all the difficulties in life, few are overcome but more are failures but never looses the hop...
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#Let your mind speak freely ......#

Get yourself rejuvenating overcoming the burning stresses. Book an appointment for counseling.

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